Teri London



I am a tech divinity who has spent my life immersed in the new technologies in front of me and the past ten years working as a digital technology professional. Obsessed with computers, video games and geek culture, I am the technomancer; a freelance designer, full stack web developer and former digital marketing entrepreneur with a passion for UI and a unique devotion to my craft.

Having worked in front end design and development for years with my digital marketing agency, I decided to formalize my education at General Assembly San Francisco with back to back immersive programs in User Experience Design and Full Stack Web Development. While I consider myself specialized as a front end programmer, I got bit by the Python while in school and discovered an affinity for server side engineering. I hope to further expand my back end coding skills to make video games in the future, and until then I spend my time freelancing, consulting, and pursuing my passion projects along the way.

In addition to my technological and nerdy pursuits, I am the mother to two adorable cats, my favorite band is Nine Inch Nails and I am always down for karaoke. While located in San Francisco, I have roots in Los Angeles and Ft. Lauderdale and hail originally from Cleveland, where I have remained loyal to all local sports teams.

If you have an inquiry about myself or my services, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you!


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